McALLEN, TEXAS — We met Carolina while visiting a “welcome center” for recently-processed immigrants at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in McAllen, Texas. She emerged from a sweltering relief tent that sheltered a handful of other fatigued travelers, most of whom, like her, had been released by…

The klan says they “want to see corpses at the border”.

Sure. How about yours you piece of shit???

They’re even stating they have the support of the African American community against immigrants, which I doubt!!!

So much hate. I can’t deal. This isn’t just some small thing that’s happening in another part of the world. This is the next state over!!!

This isn’t fucking funny anymore goddammit.

I’m scared.


Random thought of the day #1


Listen to a hospital room. When your patient is sleeping. When there are no other sounds but the room itself doing its thing. The pumps. The computers. The regulators. This hisses and pops. The beeps and squeaks. It is kind of loud and distracting.

I wonder if anyone has studied the affect that all of these high and/or low frequencies has on patients that are altered, not conscious, or confused. Surely there are some patients that can hear things that otherwise “conscious” people cannot.

Yes. I can’t cite any articles or references off the top of my head but I do remember coming across a study/article about the detriment of abrasive noises r/t the comfort and recovery of Pts in ICU.

Should be able to turn up something in a google search.