Neatorama recently assembled a fantastic collection of awesome children’s beds. These are a few of our favorites:

Bonnie in Jupiter, FL created a dinosaur-themed bedroom featuring a painted T-rex whose 3D head comes out of the wall to be the bed. The red bedding in a nice touch, since you’d be sleeping inside the dino’s mouth. What strange dreams a kid must have after falling asleep while staring at a giant reptilian uvula.

Posh Tots makes a viking ship bed so fancy that even the vikings themselves would’ve been envious - which means they’d probably raid the house and steal the bed, right?

Tiny Town Studios makes a wonderfully clever medieval castle murphy bed. We hope the carpet in that room is blue, so that it looks like you’re standing in the moat when the drawbridge-bed is up.

The giant Spider-Man bed is the work of Incredibeds. Who wouldn’t feel more secure sleeping on the belly of an enormous superhero? Maybe they can make us the giant snoozing Totoro bed we’ve always dreamed of.

Click here to view the entire collection of extraordinary beds.

[via Neatorama]