Typical white people on twitter making posts about how many “white allies” showed up to the protests in Ferguson. For them its more about “hey look at me!” and proving the “not all white people” bullshit instead of the imortant issues which is justic for mike brown.

"An enemy of my enemy is my friend". Maybe you should look that up.

And instead of bitching about ur allies, why not do what most white people do and accept them, even it’s for political gain in your favor?

Play the game bc that’s what the powers that be do exactly.

But…typical person like yourself…wanna bitch about everything. U cld give ppl like u a golden pot and u wld bitch bc u have to cook.

Seems like ppl these days LOVE to be a victim and will look for any reasons to do just that.

I say to the white ppl who are helping with protests out of the goodness of your heart, look at this woman’s post and ask yourself is it worth it? Look at all the likes she’s gotten. Or the reblogs.

Your efforts are not appreciated. You’re damned if u don’t, and damned if u do. Some ppl who claim to be colorblind will hate u for the same reasons that they are protesting.

Because of the color of your skin.

Their racism against u is socially acceptable but don’t u dare say anything about them???

Plz my white brothers and sisters. Wake up and pick a side. A side that truly accepts u. A side that doesn’t judge u.
Come back home.

Leave them to their own devices if they hate u so much.

To the OP, I noticed your screen name. Sorry if this offends but I too am Damn proud of my heritage!